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Some companies avoid using cloud-based applications often due to perceived security concerns.

While many of the people making these decisions probably use web-based apps in their personal life – online banking, Netflix and Amazon to name a few – some decision-makers avoid doing so in their corporate lives.

These days, research shows that the average person is no longer mostly concerned about security issues related to cloud-based applications but is more concerned about figuring out how to find the resources necessary to manage and maintain cloud-based apps!

The latest research also shows that most (81% of enterprises with 1,000 staff or more) use a multi cloud-based approach so clearly those who avoid them are in the minority.

And this article helps to bust some of the common cloud app myths taking into account both pros and cons.

What does all this mean? Cloud-based applications continue to grow in availability and scope and are hard to ignore. They can offer many advantages particular to those enterprises that have multiple locations and also to those don’t have the resources to create their own cloud-based apps.

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