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Perhaps you have vendors who have their own document submission system in place that their customers (ie. you) must use to submit documentation to them.

DocBoss provides several additional benefits available to vendors. The ability to auto-generate containers based on equipment and document requirements can help define the scope of the deliverables. When changes occur with the equipment lists, DocBoss can suggest the impact on documentation requirements. We support document control best practices, and require no software to be installed – the system is cloud-based, and accessed through a normal web browser.

Based on our recent document control survey, few vendors have document submission systems in place. While providing a method to submit documents, DocBoss also provides vendors with up to the minute statuses of all documents, stores all submittal and tracking information, and keeps copies of every version of every document. Customer returns are downloaded directly from the DocBoss portal.

If the vendor DOES have a system in place, DocBoss supports import / export of all incoming and outgoing documents. Vendors can upload the document containers (document numbers + tags + codes), and can even match uploaded files to containers via excel or CSV.