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As a member of the DocBoss support team, you will become an expert user of our application and be able to share that expertise with others. Your highest priority will be responding to customer phone, email and web based support calls from our customers in Europe and North America. You like helping people to understand things, and have patience to work through concepts with users who are less familiar with the product.

To be of the utmost value, you will be well versed in Document Control (not the same as Document Management – which you clearly understand) and likely have experience with information or records management. You probably don’t have specific experience working for equipment suppliers, but you have likely managed vendor data for an engineering company in the past. Having your own opinions about best practices makes for good debate. Our customers often lack formal experience with doc control, and we really shine when we can teach them what we know.

The position has a significant dedication to extending our user support materials. You have some experience (whether situational or formal training) in creating how-to guides, videos, wikis etc… to help people help themselves. You may have trained other people on software – either in formal classroom environments, or just casual instruction to co-workers.

In addition to working with customers, and building support materials, you are capable (and excited) to work with prospects and deliver software demos over the web. You would need to review data from the prospect, interpret their requirements, and map those needs into DocBoss to deliver a mind-blowing demo. You are probably well spoken, and despite a small potential accent, you have native or near-native English speaking skills.

One last thing; you are an early riser. We specifically need coverage in the European time zone, so our ideal candidate lives in Atlantic Canada and wants to start their day at 4:30am. Of course that means you finish early too! You will be working from your home office, so it takes a bit of the sting out of the early start time. Quality internet access is required – everything is internet for us to make life easy for our remote team. You are a motivated person and thrive on this kind of independent work environment. Some travel to Calgary will be required to connect with head office team.

Note that we are willing to hire directly in the European Union as well! If you have these skills – we’re very interested. Please apply online, and we’ll be in touch if we feel further conversation may yield mutually beneficial results!

Warm Regards,

DocBoss HR