Creating a new customer to setting up all project fields.

Are you looking to set up a project from scratch inside DocBoss and want some advice on how to get started?

The following steps will take you from creating a new customer to setting up all project fields, equipment list and card list.

Set Up Customer with Codes and Statuses (Gear > Lists > Companies)


Add Customer to DocBoss  (includes all steps from creating a New Company to adding a Status List)


Adding a New Company

Document Code Lists And Layouts

Status Lists

Create Project (Logo > Add Project)


Starting a New Project Video (including all relevant settings)


Initiate a Project

Definitions of the Project Setup

Definitions of the Default Users and Lists section

Document Auto-Numbering Format

Document Revision Settings

Output Settings

Doc File Name Format

Header and Footer Format

Add Equipment (Project Menu > Equipment > Equipment List)


Add Equipment

Edit Equipment List & Review Changes Impact

Major Tags

Add Custom Equipment Fields

Add Doc Codes (Project Menu > Cards > Code List (Requirements))


Add Doc Codes to a project

Configure Code List (Requirements)

For more details about settings from Code List grid check out the following articles and videos:

• Levels

Video: Auto-Creation of Document Registers & Using Custom Levels to Create Procedure Registers

Article: How to set a Level & Custom Levels

• Stage List

Video: Working with Stages

Article: Stage & Stage Lists

• Query

Video: Trimming Auto-Created Registers

Article: Marking cards as required / not required

After starting the project, here’s how to send and receive documents from the customer:

Send files out of DocBoss

Video: Upload Documents to DocBoss


Upload documents

Assigning files to document cards

Sending documents (outgoing submittals)

Bring files into DocBoss

Article: Processing Returned Files from Customer

To understand better how to manage returned files check out the Workflow Video and Outstanding Actions.