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Document Control PracticesSometimes the hardest thing to do is make a change even though you know that it’s the right thing to do. This is particularly true with a new application that you’re thinking about rolling out.

When it comes to your document control work, a lack of knowledge of viable options might be the biggest obstacle. If you’re set in your ways and have a process in place, it can be hard to change even if what you have isn’t very good and in particular, is manual in nature.

How can you tell if you need help with your document control work? Here are a few symptoms that tend to indicate that your document control work should be automated:

  • Your customer’s document codes are different for every project.
  • Different front sheets must be completed for each document and submittal.
  • File names for documents are uniquely defined by your customer.
  • Headers and footers need to be added to every page of each submission.
  • All databooks need to be hyperlinked and bookmarked.
  • You have different requirements for databooks and documents.

If you run into any of these situations on a regular basis, DocBoss can help. DocBoss was designed to help process equipment suppliers manage and deliver custom submittals at the end of projects. If your document control remains time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating, it’s a sign that what you’re doing is outdated and needs to be changed.

We offer a free online demo to illustrate DocBoss benefits firsthand to show you that there is an alternative to what you’re doing now. To set up a free demo for you and your colleagues, contact us now.