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If you’re considering document control software to help you with your documentation work, there are a few considerations to ponder before you make your decision.

As we’ve said in the past:

The best product for you should be easy to navigate, be cloud-accessible to allow for collaboration from both sides, and will be configurable to meet specific needs without requiring heavy coding or customization.

The best document control software application is also one that automates work with your Bill of Materials, allows you to upload custom templates, quickly prepares custom databooks at the end of projects, creates final submittals with a few clicks of your mouse and provides custom reporting to help you monitor your progress and efficiency.

When we conducted our document control survey entitled Supplier vs EPC, Why is Vendor Documentation So Painful? we discussed a number of items including how to figure out how to choose the best document control software for your needs based on the issues/problems that you face as a document controller and based on what you’d like to do better.

To the right, you’ll see a graphic that states the 4 key challenges that suppliers of process equipment told us they face when dealing with their EPC customers.

You’ll that 3 of the concerns relate to documentation requirements that are received from your customers prior to the beginning of the project. The final concern relates to documentation that you must provide at the end of projects, namely custom databooks.

Your chosen document control software should address these and other concerns to help you automate manual tasks to save time, improve efficiencies, and reduce costly mistakes and rework.

If you’d like to learn more about how document control software can help you, let us know your key concerns and we’ll let you know how DocBoss can help.