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 Document Index by Tag (SDI Report by Tag) Let’s talk about the document index in DocBoss. Below we’ll start by discussing the document index by tag and continue with related topics that you can use during your EPC projects. 

Document index by tag (units to codes)

This option for SDI Report templates combines a list of units with document metadata in a pivot-style output by doc code.

List of units

On the Index template, in order to include the list of all the units, use the variable options from the <Start_AllUnits>/<End_AllUnits> arrays (under the TYPE=CoverPage tab in the XLS Template Variables document).

See below:


Optionally, the parameter GroupBy=FIELD can be included in <Start_AllUnits> to group data from multiple units into a single field (list) output (ie. |GroupBy=Tag).

Doc Code cross-reference (per card)

Document meta-data applicable to each unit can be listed using the arrays <CStart_DocumentCodesCount> / <CEnd_DocumentCodesCount>, which should be placed in a separate column at the start and at the end of the list of variables.

For example:


Pivot output variables can be added using the following format:

<AllUnits.DocCodeCards.<DocumentCodesCount.Index>.*****> (where ***** should be replaced by a cover page variable).

Most variables are supported, but if there are no results, check the list of available variables listed on the TYPE=Index tab in the Pivot Output – Units to Codes section.

If multiple cards match the code to unit matrix, the data will output in a comma separated list for each card.
For example, if 3 cards matched the code and unit and variable is status , the output would be card1.status, card2.status, card3.status.

Doc Code cross-reference (per code)

Alternatively, it is possible to list the project doc codes at a higher level using the available DocumentCodesCount variables.

See below:



This is an example which includes the doc codes and doc code names listed at a higher level and the document number and status for each equipment unit:



Result of the example: