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Is there anything more frustrating with document control than the manual, time-consuming tasks that on the one hand are tedious but on the other hand must be done every time you start a new project? If the set up part of your projects is time-consuming and very manual, you know what we’re talking about.

One of the distinguishing features of DocBoss is that it builds the document register for you up front and from the ground up using the bill of materials and keeps it updated for you automatically. We take a combination of the bill of materials and your customer-supplied list of required documents (Vendor Document Requirements or Supply Document Register List) and build the document register after these two documents have been uploaded into DocBoss. So we build the framework at the beginning of your job up front. DocBoss also creates and automates tag lists (tag for entire job, tag for individual piece of equipment).

DocBoss can generate reports using your customers’ templates which is very helpful when dealing with companies whose document requirements are very rigid. If you’ve ever done work for AMEC for example, you know that their template is particularly stringent but it’s one that DocBoss can handle with no trouble.

Continuing with the document register, you can create the output formats based on your customers’ specific requirements. If your customers have templates that they want filled in, DocBoss will fill out the templates as needed. You can’t ever forget to update your register with DocBoss because it automatically updates it for you.

Here’s a video that illustrates the auto creation of document registers using DocBoss in more detail.

Auto-Creation of Document Registers