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Document Revision Settings In DocBossBy default DocBoss allows you to manage one revision number (primary doc rev), however you have the ability to manage two by enabling the secondary doc rev. If you want two check of the Enable Secondary Doc Rev. and you can name it accordingly, but there are no options for the secondary doc rev.

Only Primary Doc Rev Enabled


Secondary Doc Rev Enabled


Primary Doc Rev Default Value: the value that you want your default rev set to – example 1 or A
Primary Doc Rev Name: the reference that you are using to set the revision.
Primary Doc Rev Warning: When there is a change to the doc card you have three options for a warning using the drop down you can set accordingly.

  • None – there is no warning if you make a revision and do not change the primary rev number you will not get a notification
  • Require New – if you make a revision to a card it is mandatory that you also change the primary rev number
  • Warn if not changed – if you make a revision to a card and do not change the primary rev number you will get a pop up warning indicating that you have made a change but have not changed the revision.

Enable Secondary Doc Rev: This allows you to manage two revision numbers in the system
Secondary Doc Rev Name: (if secondary doc rev is enabled) this is the reference for the secondary doc number


Revision Format 

The digits used in the revision format can be changed in Formats > Output Doc Settings


Each # added corresponds to a digit in the output.

i.e. if Format contains ## the revision will be displayed as 01.