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In our last post, we discussed holdbacks as it pertains to a delay in getting paid by your EPC customers due to you not delivering documentation correctly. Incorrectly provided documentation costs you money and increases the effort you have to provide to fix your mistakes.

Here’s a quote from our document control survey that sheds light on how frequently documentation is rejected:

Only one in four suppliers reported that most of their documents are approved upon first submission. The same proportion felt that their document submissions are never approved the first time. Obviously some EPCs are very good at giving clear document requirements, and some give very poor, unclear, or unrealistic ones.

In our experience, while EPCs don’t necessarily choose suppliers based on their ability to provide quality documentation the first time, they certainly expect that it will be done correctly as a matter of course without necessarily providing much direction to you:

Although high quality document control is a basic expectation of EPCs, very little time is spent during supplier selection and project kickoff to set up the project’s document control scope for success. This leads to more time spent during the course of the project managing documents, costing additional time and money on both sides.

DocBoss adds structure to your documentation work and makes it easier to provide custom – and correct – documentation to your customers to automate tasks that you might currently be doing manually. If you can eliminate errors, you can reduce or eliminate holdbacks, eliminate rework and keep your customers happy all in one fell swoop.