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Edit Merged Cards Inside DocBossIn this article we’ll discuss the concept of cards and how to edit them.

Sometimes, users may need to edit merged cards.

In the Card List, select the Edit icon from the Tools column in the row for the merged card.

This can be done from other screens that show cards as well, but the options layout is somewhat different.

The card slide will open. At the top, it will list all cards that are included in the merge. Users can:


  1. Remove individual cards:  This allows users to remove cards from the merged set as required. If the merged card has an attached file and you simply need to delete one of the references you will have the option to attach a copy of the file to the now removed card as well. (So the merged card and the now deleted card will have the same file attached)
  2. Un-merge card: This will destroy the merged cards. If the merged card has an attached file you will have the option to select the card where you want the file to remain.
  3. Edit linked units: In order to edit linked units, the card must be converted to a manual card. The steps in the article on manual cards explain how to choose which units are linked to a card.