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Working with cards within DocBossAt DocBoss, we have an entire website dedicated to support. Here we detail all product releases along with videos and articles complete with screenshots to help you utilize all DocBoss benefits.

One of the important aspects of DocBoss is the treatment of cards.

Cards are essentially placeholders for the actual documents. Like a file folder, if you will. It contains all of the history and revisions of a particular document, as well as the most current version of the document and it’s metadata.

Doc Codes are the “Type” of documents you’ll be expecting to receive on a project, once you set the level indicating how many of each type of document on the doc code (for example order level means you’re expecting only one document/card for the entire order/project), DocBoss can then create the correct amount of cards. You will then upload the actual document onto the card.

Doc Code = “Type” of document

Doc Card = “placeholder” for the actual document (starting as a placeholder until doc is uploaded. Once a doc is uploaded all the history of that document will live on the card).

With that in mind, here are a list of some of our most popular and helpful articles regarding the use of cards in DocBoss.

Document codes vs document cards – Here’s an article comparing the use of document codes and cards within DocBoss.

Create a manual card (individual) – DocBoss users can add manual cards to their projects, even when just using the tagged equipment units.

Create manual cards (bulk load) – This article discusses how to bulk load manual cards using the Edit Data via CSV file function. This button is located below your Card List grid.

How to create translation cards – If you have a supplied card that is not in English, you can use this feature for tracking.

How to enable manual cards – You can enable the manual card module if required during a project.

How to merge cards – When users build card lists with levels, such as one card per tag for example, but later realize that one card covers multiple tags, there is no longer a need for the additional cards. Rather than leave the original cards as pending, DocBoss allows you to merge existing cards together.

How to lock cards – Why would you lock a card? Once a card is locked, DocBoss starts tracking the State and in addition, it stops that card from being auto-renumbered.

The state of cards within DocBoss – DocBoss maintains a state for every locked card. Cards become locked if one of several actions have been performed: