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The best way to manage and control information is electronically. We have reached the age of the paperless office and shop floor.

This quote doesn’t come from 2016 but from an article published at Quality back in 2003. Author Mikel E. Janitz covers a number of topics regarding the importance of document control and key takeaways to ensure you’re managing the process properly.

The main points that Janitz says document control professionals need to focus on at the front end include:

  • Assign responsibility for creating the information.
  • Control access to where the information is generated and maintained.
  • Minimize the number of people who create, modify and approve information.
  • Allow the information to be easily accessible by all who need it.
  • Ensure the information is clearly understood and legible.
  • Train the users on how to access and verify the information.
  • Provide an index.

By adding structure to document control, DocBoss helps you handle each of these tasks and more while turning your documentation into electronic form just like author Janitz suggested should be done, all the way back in 2003.