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workloadOne of the things many document controllers tell us is that the customization of documentation work is increasing and that customers are becoming more stringent in terms of how they want their documents received. In some cases, it’s simply the increasing document workload as orders get larger and the fact that customers require many more documents than in the past. Document control work in that regard is becoming more customized and more document-intensive which has implications on how you do your work and the time spent doing it.

If you’ve ever done work with AMEC, you’re aware of their very stringent requirements and the template that they provide to customers to adhere to. DocBoss makes it easy to handle this sort of requirement not only for AMEC but for other EPCs you deal with on a regular basis.

According to document control and document management training company Lonadek, “an average of 30% of productive hours is spent in locating existing information needed for quick decision making and planning.”

Think about how much time you spend figuring out which document version is the most recent, where a certain document is in the process or who made the most recent change to a document without your knowledge. The time adds up pretty quickly and takes away from your productivity.

One of the things that DocBoss does at a high level is add structure to your document control work. By formalizing your documentation practices and automating tasks you’d otherwise do manually, you can save time and reduce errors in the process.

What can DocBoss do for you? Drop us a note, set up a free demo, try a free trial and find out for yourself.