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Example of An Obsolete Card in DocBoss We’ve recently discussed several topics related to obsolete cards. You can view these other articles:

Obsolete Cards and How to Manage Them in DocBoss

How To Void or Supercede Documents in Docboss

Consider the following scenario:

Doc Code = Q14 – Drawings

Level = Model

In your equipment list, you have

Unit 1: Model=ABC

Unit 2: Model=ABC

Unit 3: Model=DEF


During the auto-generation, DocBoss creates 2 cards. ABC and DEF.

CARD ABC: 2 linked units (unit 1 & unit 2).

CARD DEF: 1 linked unit (unit 3)

If you change the model number on unit 3 from DEF to XYZ, then CARD DEF will no longer have any units (instead a new card XYZ is created, and IT has unit 3 linked).

If DEF has any history, then it will move to OBSOLETE. It is no longer active on the project.

You have the option to SUPERSEDE DEF with XYZ. This is done in the process changes function. BUT – ifDEF has no uploaded documents/history, and it not locked (i.e. customer is NOT aware of its existence), then we do not put the card in obsolete. It is just removed from the system (no harm). Card XYZ will appear.


If it DOES go to OBSOLETE:

Old cards can be re-attached to the new ones from the Obsolete Cards grid. All steps are included in the article: Obsolete Cards and How to Manage Them.