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Do you routinely work with very large data files of many MB or GB and have difficulty doing so? DocBoss can help.

To assist with the management of huge files (400MB to 2GB) and specialty PDF files which themselves contain embedded files, users may choose to skip all processing on an uploaded file.

Flattening is a standard process for DocBoss to ensure all files become records, that the PDFs are fully self contained, and that any layers are not stripped during further processing (cover pages, compilations etc). manipulating the files. This process can only be consistently and accurately performed on files up to about 400MB (the upload limit).

A warning will be provided for large files. Anything over 400MB can ONLY be uploaded as an exceptional file. DocBoss will remind the user that the file will be excluded from DocBoss processing. If you need a cover sheet, headers/footers etc, this must be done prior to uploading.

(Note you can download a fully populated cover sheet from the card history screen, and attach prior to upload).

How to handle exceptional files with DocBoss

Exceptional files cannot be included automatically in the compilations either. They will be listed in the table of contents and there will be a note * [cannot be embedded in PDF] added next to them to warn users that the files were not added to the book during the generation. 

In order to include these documents, you can download the compilation, add the files manually and then upload again in the system the completed book and assign it to the compilation card. 


No warning will be provided at this time for PDFs with embedded files – this must be identified manually by the user. It is rarely used, but the PDF protocol allows for files to be embedded inside the PDF document. This warning function will be added at a later time.