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keep projects on trackReporting features are often lacking when it comes to generic, non-document control specific applications such as Microsoft Excel that you might currently be using to handle your documentation work.

Can you track document history with your current document control process?

What if you need to know when a particular document was uploaded and all the steps it took to get to its current status?

Or maybe you want to know which documents are about to be due or are already overdue.

No problem.

DocBoss has extensive reporting features that allow you to speed your document delivery process. Create missing document reports and split them by manufacturer. These reports can be generated in both PDF and Microsoft Excel format.

Run reports to show you where a document is in the approval process. For example show me all the documents that are not approved. Or show me all the documents still with the customer. Are there documents waiting for internal action? With the reporting functionality it is easy to determine where the bottle necks are occurring.

Track individual document history and revert to previous versions when necessary.

You need to keep your project on track and you know every document that needs to be managed so DocBoss enables you to notify your team, customer, or suppliers about upcoming or overdue requirements.