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DocBoss Document ManagementYou know the drill – you have multiple projects submissions in the pipe, and project A should be nearly ready for submission, but instead of keeping up with the expected delivery dates the project submission falls behind while you work on another project. In order to get the final items ready, resources are pulled from Project B to help – people make mistakes when they’re stretched – and more project submissions fall behind. It’s a domino effect and at the end there are holdbacks and missed opportunities (not to mention unhappy team members). If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take control of your documents and look to adopt a more proactive approach.

Generally speaking, proactive management means thinking ahead, anticipating and planning for change or crisis. Reactive management means reacting to change or crisis after it happens.

So, what exactly is proactive document management? Simply put – the practice and use of tools that allow you to know when documents are due and expediting them right then, rather than waiting and risking missing these cues. Using the right software (goodbye excel spreadsheets!) is the first step in the right direction to getting your submissions on track and even automated. DocBoss is document control software specifically for suppliers that can help you become the proactive document manager. Not only can DocBoss track all your “in process documents”, but it can define and set delivery targets, keeping you on track with alerts and reports so you can see at-a-glance where certain submissions are at. Want to pre-define the document index so you have something to expedite before you actually have the documents? DocBoss can do that. Now that’s what we call proactive document control!

No one likes surprises and managing a crisis at the last minute – use software that thinks for you and gives you the information you need to get the job done proactively.