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The weld log will allow you to include welder certificates and weld procedures (cross referenced to welds) in the tag specific quality packages. Or you can prepare separate packages for the certs/procedures with the cross references to all tags.

Project Template

Create “Weld Log” additional data type, and then add enable the  following columns.

  • Drawing Number
  • Weld ID
  • Welder
  • Weld Type
  • Weld Procedure
  • Combo level for Welder+Weld Type
  • Combo level: Drawing Number + Weld ID
  • Enable Tag Number

Equipment List > Weld log grid

Upload data for each weld.

Code List

Add a code for weld certificates

  • Type=Published
  • Level=combo level from previous step (Welder+Weld Type)
  • Stage List=Hide cards from customer

and weld procedures

  • Type=Published
  • Level=weld procedure
  • Stage List=Hide cards from customer

ALSO: Ensure you have a code for “Weld Certs/Procedure Package”.

  • Set LEVEL to “Tag”
  • Set Type to Compilation
  • Stage list can be default

Incoming Documents

Link required file from library. All welder certs and weld procedures should be in the library.

Note: If you have uploaded the welder certificates to the library using the same convention (welder initials + weld type), you can auto-fill the cards on the project.


Create a compilation called “Weld packages” (or simply add the codes to your quality packages as described here)

Add the codes for certs and procedures.

Edit the Bookmark TOC pattern to <DocCode>: <test_list> for Dwg/Welds <combo dwg+weldID_list>

Link compilation to the compilation code on code list, and generate.

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