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Last summer we published a post showing that 1/3 of US and UK workers spend 5-25 minutes searching each time they look for an important document and it took up to 8 searches to find the correct document they were looking for.

Sound familiar?

One of the great things about DocBoss is that unlike Excel and other manual, non-document control specific applications, DocBoss was designed to be used by document controllers and has your needs in mind. DocBoss enables you to quickly locate files and control the access of people making changes to your files while also providing revision control so you always know which document is the most recent.

Since it’s a web-based application, it also has security built in – each user is a named user with their own personal login – and it’s portable since you only need a web browser to use it. Collaborating and sharing between offices and countries – even continents – is no problem.

Plus, DocBoss helps you manage your document register, automating tasks you might currently be doing manually. Early in your project, the document register must be submitted to the EPC. It can be a time-consuming process to identify each required document, and the tags connected to each document. As change orders arrive, maintaining the correct document register can be overwhelming. DocBoss combines your order information with the EPC’s list of required document codes (SDR codes) to create a comprehensive document register. As order information changes, the register is quickly and easily updated.

And when you need to quickly locate a file, just use the search feature to find it quickly.