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Does your company take document control seriously?
DocBoss makes remote work during COVID times (and anytime) a piece of cake.

With the continued effects of COVID and more companies operating remotely, one of the biggest benefits of DocBoss is its accessibility. Being a web-based application, you only need a browser and can log into DocBoss anywhere in the world. So while a traditional software application must be installed on a user’s desktop or laptop and maintained by your IT department, we take care of this work for you. All you do is use DocBoss.

And with more people working remotely from home, how can you keep track of changes to project documents and figure out which version is the most recent? With Microsoft Excel or another non-document control specific application this can be difficult even when everyone works in the same office. When everyone is working remotely, it can be virtually impossible.

You won’t have these problems with DocBoss. Every DocBoss user is a named user. You login under your user name so you always know who made changes to each document and can always tell which version is the most recent. DocBoss also comes with a full suite of tracking functionality which you also won’t find on Excel or other applications that weren’t designed for document control.

Here’s a short overview of DocBoss to help you get a high level understanding of how it works. If this piques your interest, contact us to set up a free online demo.