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AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design (IE&D) application is used by owner operators, EPCs and other organizations to manage and share engineering data.

When using AVEVA IE&D, an engineering firm creates a rich and sophisticated structure of data, both direct design data, and metadata. This data is critical to project handover as the client looks to onboard all of the information into their in-house software solutions.

While AVEVA solutions do a fantastic job of the engineering data, all of the procurement,  commissioning and operational documentation is not part of the equation. Engineering companies are left to other solutions as they try to provide the same level of metadata surrounding vendor data and drawings as they have provided with the AVEVA suite.

This becomes more evident when the end user is trying to deploy the AVEVA Asset Visualization (NET) solution. Previously known as AVEVANET the tool attempts to link both your design data and your vendor data, into a single visual portal. Users navigate the plant through the software, retrieve engineering and operations data related to any specific asset.

But while it claims to extract tag data from the documentation, it presumes the tag data exists on vendor documentation. This is generally not the case for most vendor documents. And often there is a host of scanned information delivered with respect to test data. To ensure this critical source of data is available, all projects should be run with the end goal of connecting each piece of documentation (separately) to the physical equipment. You should store the tags (or tagging hierarchy) for each piece of vendor data.

While EPCs try to execute vendor document control with tools designed for engineering document control the vendor component is woefully underdesigned. Generally the tagging is an uncontrolled, manually entered text field. With DocBoss tags are front and center. The manual work from the vendor side is eliminated, and the vendor document execution side is retained. If they do have an engineering document control system, at least DocBoss can pass the authenticated tag data through to the newly designated tag fields for each document.

Also, owners are not left with one large manual for each major piece of equipment. Each document will have a tagged hierarchy, and they can build their own compilations for on-site paper copies, while keeping the individual documents, tags and document types separate.

If you use AVEVA EI&C or if your client will be using AVEVA’s Asset Visualization tool, check out DocBoss, and how we can help you ensure that the data and drawings you collect from vendors is easy, accurate and repeatable.