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If you’re a fabricator who submits engineering documents to customers, you know how time-consuming and frustrating the work can be particularly as it relates to customizing documentation to your customer’s requirements. This is even more so when you take into account document routing and ensuring each department who needs to see/approve the documents can do so.

With DocBoss you can automate the flow of documents through any issue purpose sequence:


You can route documents internally for comments and review.

DocBoss enables you to easily route your documents internally to various departments ie. drafting, technical, administration, construction, etc.

Dashboard alerts and reminder emails inform the appropriate user that there is some action needed on the document. Comments can be entered to further explain the actions.

The admin user and managers have full visability into all outstanding actions.

Documents are automatically queued for submission to either your vendor or customer based upon the document status.

In addition DocBoss allows you to configure issue purpose stages ie. for review, IFC, As built, etc. Each document code can follow a unique path throughout the approval process.

Once marked complete, the document immediately becomes available for resubmission to your customer.