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Providing documentation to customers – especially documentation customized for each customer’s requirements – is a time-consuming and thus costly aspect of your business.

How much do you charge your customers for this work to be done?

Do you charge for this work?

We believe that there is a value to providing documentation to your customers and since there is a cost to you to provide it, DocBoss comes standard with a quotes module that enables you to send your customers an itemized bill for documents that you provide to them.

This stance is borne out by the results of our survey entitled Supplier vs EPC, Why is Vendor Documentation so Painful? Here’s a quote from the survey that highlights this belief:

The acceptability of explicitly billing for additional document-related workload was supported by 55% of EPC respondents, while only 30% of suppliers explicitly identify project documentation as a line item on their proposals. The presumption is that itemized billing comes hand in hand with a higher tolerance and greater commitment to execute the work correctly, leading to better project results.

Here’s a short video that shows how you can create a quote using DocBoss itemizing all costs related to documentation you provide to your customers.