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How Much Pain Do Databooks Cause You?If providing databooks to your customers at the end of your projects is time-consuming and causes a holdback which prevents you from getting paid quickly, DocBoss can help.

Perhaps you call them record books or compilations. Basically we’re talking about the package of documents you send to customers at the end of projects that meet their requirements and enables you to close the project and get paid.

Typically we find DocBoss customers will submit drawings, MTRs and other test results, product manuals, and other information at the end of each project to their customers. Often their customers require custom cover pages on each outgoing document. They might even be provided with a custom template by their customer that they have to use. DocBoss can help with each case and more.

Whether it’s identifying which document codes to include in your databook, adding sections to your databook (Drawing Section, Quality Section, etc), adding (or removing) cover pages from all documents, customizing your table of contents and bookmarks, DocBoss can help you meet specific customer requirements as needed.

In fact – as you’ll see with the video below – you can customize the databooks pretty much any way you like with DocBoss, to the satisfaction of your customers.