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How To Add An Engineering Stamp To A DocumentIn some cases, customers require that stamps are placed directly onto the document, rather than the addition of a cover page. DocBoss allows users to upload stamp templates, and stamp documents. The same variables as used on cover pages can be used in stamp templates.

Upload stamp template to admin area

Stamp templates are uploaded to the templates area (the same place other templates are located). in the admin/Template management area.

  1. Choose the new “stamp” option.
  2. Define the default size of the stamp.

NOTE: On submission, DocBoss will notify the user if the data filled stamp will occupy a larger space than the default size. This can occur if a field has “auto height” to accommodate variable tag lists.

Select stamp template on project

A new option is available in the output settings area of the main project setup. To use a stamp on a project, you must select the stamp here.

Define preference for each doc code

Users can define the metadata method for each doc code. In the past – the default was to add a cover page to each document, and a column existed on the code list to suppress that behavior (“Suppress CP”). Now – users have additional options

  • Cover page (no stamp behavior is the standard behavior (unchanged).
  • Stamp, else cover page: System will prompt the user to place a stamp. If the user decides it is not possible (i.e. there is no space), the user can indicate that the stamp cannot be placed. On submittal, DocBoss will add a cover page to the outgoing document.
  • Stamp and cover page: DocBoss will prompt for a stamp. Even if the stamp is placed, DocBoss will still add a cover page.
  • No stamp, no cover page.

Apply stamp

  1. Ensure the viewer is enabled. Stamps can only be applied in the viewer (either in the thumbnail, or the full document view).
  2. Click the stamp icon to enter stamp placement view
  3. The yellowed box shows the default stamp size and allows the user to place it on the document. The stamp can be resized IF assigned in the full view.
  4. If the system is requesting a stamp, the user can select No space for a stamp, or Stamp not required” to satisfy the stamp request. Also if you wish to remove and re-apply the stamp, choose “Remove stamp”.

Stamp sizing when tag list is too long for available space

If the stamp needs to be larger than the default to accommodate a larger than anticipated auto size field (i.e. tag list), a warning will be provided on submittal. The user will be provided with a new stamp size, and be asked to re-place the stamp.