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Once an Action has been applied to a card, it remains in the Outstanding Actions grid until the Action has been marked Complete or removed.  You can view all Outstanding Actions (for all projects in your instance) OR you can view Outstanding Actions specific to a project.

Both grids have filter options below the grid. You have the ability to select “Show my actions only.” Here are the required steps:

Step 1. Click on the applicable card under the card (Auto) column of the grid.


Step 2 Review the details of the card


Current Document: if you click this hyperlink you will open the most current version of the document that is attached to the card

New File: this allows you to upload a new document to the card

Rev #: the primary rev number of the document

Comments for NEXT Transmittal: allows you to add customer notes

Comments for NEXT Sub-Supplier Transmittal: allows you to add sub-supplier notes

Internal Comments: allows you to add internal comments

Comments Grid: this displays any comments that have previously been added to the card

Status And Routing: this allows you to set up additional routing (if applicable)

Document Card Numbers: allows you to add/change any applicable document number 

Custom Field(s): allows you to add/change any applicable custom fields

Step 3. Click Complete Action


If you are not the User that set up/manages the project you also have the ability to send them an alert to let them know you have completed the action (this is optional).

If you’d like to take a step back and learn more, check out this article regarding the DocBoss Internal Approval Cycle which discusses the relationship with completing actions as was discussed in this post, among other topics.