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How To Create Confidential Projects In DocBossWhat if you have to create a project in DocBoss that you only want certain people to have access to, for whatever reason? Maybe it’s a highly confidential project, or a project that is simply for certain eyes only.

Confidential projects can be created in DocBoss in order to restrict access to other users and below, we’ll discuss how it’s done.

1. Create a new affiliate company

First steps it is to add a new internal affiliate company. New affiliate companies can be added by admin users with security permissions and this feature is license dependent.

Note that if your company doesn’t have the possibility to add new affiliates this can be managed through support. 

Affiliate companies can be created Lists > Companies. The following article includes all the steps and details: Affiliate Companies

2. Enable affiliate in user profile

Once the new affiliate company has been created, next step it is to enable it on the profile of the users involved in the management of the projects which will be created using this internal company.

In order to do that, navigate to Settings > Manage Users > click on Edit button and follow the steps included in the article: Enable Affiliate Permissions for a User

Users with the following licenses will have access to the projects using the new affiliate company only if they have it enabled in their profile by an admin user with security permissions:

– Admin users (without security permissions), full users, review users and view users

Note: Other admin users with security permissions will have the possibility to enable this company on their profile and will have access to these project.

3. Select affiliate company when creating a new project

When adding a new project, in Main, select the new affiliate company created.