How To Enable Affiliate Permissions For A UserDo you have affiliates that you work with who could benefit from having access to DocBoss?

For customers with affiliates enabled, user access to projects and libraries can be configured per affiliate.

Only admin users have permission to add or edit users.

New users

When adding a new user to the system, if affiliate companies are enabled, select the Default Affiliate for the user and enable additional Project Access if required.


Complete the user’s profile information and select Save.

If the user requires library access to affiliates for which they do not have project access, this can be configured by editing their profile (see below).

Existing users

From the Settings gear, navigate to Users > Manage Users.



Under the appropriate user, select the Edit icon from the Tools column in the grid.



Scroll down to the System Access section of the user’s profile and select the arrow on the right to expand it. Under the Affiliate Settings heading, (1) the user’s default affiliate can be updated, (2) the user’s access to projects can be enabled/disabled per affiliate, and (3) the user’s library access can be enabled/disabled per affiliate.



  • Admin users are able to remove assigned affiliates from their own profile (without the ability to restore them – if required, another user with the appropriate access would need to do so).
  • Admin users can change assigned affiliates for other users, but only for those affiliates which are in the admin user’s “Project Access” affiliates list. (Exception: a user with the Security Permission is able to add/remove all affiliates for other users or their own user profile.)
  • If a user is granted Project Access permission for an affiliate, they will automatically be provided Library Access for that affiliate as well if their role type allows this.
  • When a user’s role is upgraded (i.e. view -> review -> full -> admin), all existing affiliate permissions will be REMOVED. They must be re-applied by the user making the change. Also note, if the user making the change doesn’t have the Security permission, they will only be able to re-add affiliates to which they themselves have access.
  • When upgrading a user role to full, affiliate permissions will be removed, and must be added back. On downgrade (from full to review/view), affiliates are not affected.