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How To Choose User Levels With DocBossDepending on your needs, you can have as many named DocBoss users as you like and can also choose which level of access to provide to each user.

The way you use DocBoss will in part be determined by your user role. The lists below offer suggestions for getting started, depending on your user role.

(If you’re not sure which user role you have, you can check this under your user profile.)

Admin users

Admin users have full access to DocBoss and are able to manage the list of users and customize the way the system works for all other users in their company. They may or may not manage projects directly.

Full users

Full users create and manage projects. They are often document controllers or project coordinators.

Review users

Review users participate in the internal workflow and review of documents within DocBoss, but do not have access to manage entire projects or make submittals.

View users

View users have limited access. They are often managers or supervisors who require access to metrics and to view the projects that their teams are working on, but won’t be participating in document control or document workflow directly within DocBoss.

For more detail on user role types, see our article on user roles.

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