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Do you need a document management system or a document control system?

Not all documentation that a company produces ends up getting sent externally outside the company to another company. Perhaps you’re in the position of sending some documentation externally and keeping the rest of it inhouse and wonder if you need a document management system or a document control system.

We’ve discussed document management versus document control in the past but more specifically, how do you determine what sort of system would best help you?

If most of your documentation remains internally and your main issue or concern is organizing it, being able to quickly locate it, share and collaborate internally and generally keep track of documentation in an organized fashion, a document management system is probably what you need.

If you tend to regularly send documentation externally to customers at the end of projects and have to customize what you send each of them depending on what they ask for, you’re looking for something else. Once you start to issue transmittals and prepare customized databooks for your customers at the end of projects on a regular basis, a good document control application such as DocBoss is probably what you need.

Perhaps you routinely receive a vendor document requirements (VDR) list or bill of materials (or similar) from your customers at the beginning of a project. You may also tag your products and have difficulty keeping track of all of them during a large project. In this instance, you’re really looking for a document submission and tracking tool. In that regard, DocBoss will help you save time and help you deliver customized project documentation to your customers with fewer errors and less manual work required.

Want to learn more? Here’s a short animated video to show you how DocBoss can help you.