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DocBoss is happy to announce our most recent release update for January 2020 that is available to all DocBoss customers. Here are the highlights:

Optimize compilation generation

We have refactored the generation process for compilations. The largest improvements will be noticed for compilations where DocBoss is adding cover pages to all documents, but general speed improvements of 20-25% should be noticed overall.

Choose which compilations to generate when level is not ORDER.

When a compilation code is set to generate more than one compilation (ie. one compilation per pump, when there are 9 pumps, or per shipment when multiple shipments), users be asked to select which compilations to generate.


We’ve made multiple updates to Workflow tasks including resetting the due date on recurring submittals, identifying stage lists that can be edited/deleted and bulk processing features.

We’ve also added numerous features to Package Defaults and Reporting along with various User Interface additions as well as Template feature updates and more.

View the full release notes with screenshots by clicking here.