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For suppliers providing project documentation to EPCs, managing material test reports (MTRs) can be a headache. That’s why having an efficient system for handling Material Test Reports (MTRs) is essential.

With DocBoss, you can store MTRs in a shared library that all of your users can be granted access to. Below are five ways DocBoss can improve your MTR management process.

Benefits of Storing MTRs in the Library

1. Streamlined Workflow: DocBoss offers a separate workflow for managing MTRs and projects. This means that users can focus on their specific tasks without overlapping responsibilities.

2. Central Repository with Easy Access: Say goodbye to scattered MTR records across various systems. DocBoss can serve as the master source for all your organization’s MTR records, providing easy access and keeping everything together so no files get lost. This streamlines file access for document controllers, as there’s no need for to search through folders or separate file management systems to find the required MTRs for a project.

3. Automated Assignment: DocBoss automates the process by automatically assigning MTRs to projects through a simple query, saving you valuable time and effort.

4. Custom Metadata: Don’t worry about trying to cram all of the details you need into file names or complicated folder structures. Add as many library custom fields as you need. This allows you to store metadata specific to MTRs, such as heat numbers and certificate numbers, alongside the files. This information can be used when assigning files.

5. Increased Traceability: DocBoss records file history and changes so you can have certainty about what steps were completed on a project, making vacations, staffing changes, and troubleshooting much less painful.

For a step-by-step of this process, see our product documentation.

To learn more about DocBoss, or to book a free product consultation, see our website.