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Managing Your Affiliates Inside DocBossBelow we’ll discuss a number of ways that you can configure your DocBoss account when you work with affiliates. This is handy when you have an affiliate(s) in a different location from you, when you need to add an affiliate or just want to filter your affiliates for your perusal.

We’ll discuss each issue below in more detail.

Add time zone for affiliate

Previously, the time zone was configured for the entire instance. As affiliates are often used for parts of a company in different parts of the world, we have added the ability to set affiliate-specific time zones. If added, affiliate-specific time zone overrides the instance time zone.


Affiliate defaults for field template and output templates

Instance project templates are now linked to specific affiliates. Output templates are now available to select on project templates, and so can be associated easily with a specific affiliate.


Create affiliate through DocBoss user interface

*This feature is license dependent

Previously, users had to request the DocBoss Support team to add affiliates for them. Now, admin users can create these themselves. From Lists > Companies, select the Add Affiliate option on the top right of the grid. Complete the required information and save.


Note that after adding an affiliate, user permissions will need to be updated to allow access for any users who require it.

Licenses per affiliate

User licenses can be distributed per affiliate to make managing access between divisions easier for DocBoss administrators.

Changes to the license allotments per affiliate can be requested through DocBoss support.

Filter users by affiliate

From the Manage Users screen, the list of user profiles can be filtered per affiliate. The filtering can be applied based on primary affiliate, project access, or library access to the selected affiliate.