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Business and IT executives are no longer looking at the Cloud solely as a tool; now the focus has shifted towards finding the right way to use it so they can accomplish their 2018 business goals.

This is the opening line from a recent article entitled 8 Trends in Cloud Computing for 2018 that perfectly summarizes how cloud computing is now being treated by smart enterprises who understands the value of such applications.

Cloud-based apps no longer simply offer lower maintenance, lower costs and more efficiency than many traditional server-based apps. They can also be business-defining ones that help you run the day to day tasks that you require to keep your business ticking.

When you allow a third-party developer like DocBoss to create and host the app, it means you can leave the design and ongoing maintenance of the app to a professional while you concentrate on running your business.

And businesses are rapidly adopting cloud-based apps as each year goes by. As the article states:

At least half of IT spending will be Cloud-based in 2018, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure, and 60–70% of all software, services, and technology spending by 2020.