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I recently saw a new specification for sheet numbering from a large EPC company. It defined separate sheet numbering conventions for different types of documents.
The supplier must first identify whether the document is text-centric (or “Textual” – funny choice of words). Typical examples include reports, catalogs, schedules, procedures etc. I think you could almost define textual as “not a drawing”.

  • If textual, they always want “000” as the sheet number
  • If drawing, they start numbering 001, and increment for each page of the drawing (normal)

And…I like it.
Textual documents are often multi-page, and sheet numbering is often a confusing topic for suppliers. This simple specification gives immediate clarity to the suppliers, and also gives the EPC has quick identifier for drawings (sheet number not 000).

I expect we’ll see this more often. DocBoss auto-numbering will soon support this distinction.