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Typically, when submitting documents, we include a cover page. For PDF files this is easy, DocBoss will add the cover sheet directly to the document. But what do you do when you’re submitting an Excel document?

It’s interesting to see the different preferences on how to handle cover pages for Excel documents. Do you embed your cover page into the Excel workbook? Or do you provide the cover page as an additional file? If not embedding the cover page, does your customer want an Excel cover page, or do they prefer pdf cover pages?

I’ve even seen requirements for a cover page not applying to an Excel document at all! It really depends on your customers preference.

In DocBoss you have both options, to include the cover sheet for Excel documents as a separate file or embed the cover sheet right into the workbook. You can also decide if you’re not embedding the cover page to include either an Excel version of the cover page or the standard PDF version.

There is no right or wrong answer, but in my experience, it seems the less files floating around the better – so it makes sense to add the cover page directly to the document when possible. However, that would be a personal preference only and ultimately the customer has the final say. Below is an example of what a submittal looks like when you choose to not embed the cover page but instead include it as a standalone file.

While on this topic, what about transmittals? Have you been asked to provide an Excel and pdf version of your transmittal? It’s rare, but I have seen some customers require an Excel version as well as the pdf of each transmittal. Here’s the same submittal example as above with both versions of the transmittal.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experience when it comes to submitting Excel documents to your customers. Is there a standard rule to follow, especially when it comes to cover pages or transmittals, or does it differ depending on your customer?