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DocBoss allows you to generate an expediting report. This report can be provided to your sub-supplier to aid in document delivery. It will show all the outstanding documents for your project.

You also have the option to split the report by manufacturer. It is important to note that you may filter the list of cards prior to generating the request. If you have not already defined the expected due date (from sub-suppliers), you will be asked to enter this information.

Follow these steps to create an expedite report:

  1. From the Card List screen, begin by filtering the documents to include in the report or leave unfiltered to include all documents in the report.
  2. Next place a check mark in the select column for those documents you wish to include in the report. You have the option to manually select them or to use the select all check boxes on the bottom of the grid.
  3. Click the generate request panel and name the request. You also have the option to split the report by manufacturer at this stage.
  4. If you have not yet set an expected date you are given the opportunity to do so. Click skip to enter this information at a later time.
  5. To view the report, navigate to status/document request.