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supplier-vs-epcDocBoss is excited to release the results of our survey entitled Supplier vs EPC: Why is Vendor Documentation so Painful? We surveyed 106 respondents – 45 Supplier organizations and 61 EPC organizations – and asked them questions about the frustrations they experience while working with one another with regards to project documentation. Key survey findings include the following:

  • 75% of EPCs use an EDMS system vs only 2% of suppliers
  • 90% of suppliers use email to track transmittals vs 49% of EPCs
  • 61% of EPCs cited aligning Supplier Document Requirements List (SDRL) codes to supplier submissions as a major issue
  • 75% of suppliers reported payment holdbacks related to documentation

We also discuss a number of questions that Suppliers and EPCs often ask themselves in the course of doing documentation work:

Why are EPC’s so rigid in their requirements?

Who agrees with documentation holdbacks?

How much time does each side invest in document control?

Download the survey results here and read the answers to these questions as well as learning about action points for both Suppliers and EPCs to help them do documentation better.