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docboss_logo_colorWhile it comes with numerous features, there are 5 DocBoss benefits that customers tend to like the most.

DocBoss was specifically designed to help process equipment suppliers – whether a manufacturer, rep, distributor or fabricator – to deliver custom project documentation to your customers at the end of projects. If you do document control manually by the seat of your pants and try to make do with Excel or some other non-document control specific application, here are the main benefits that DocBoss customers tend to like the most.

1. DocBoss adds structure to document control.

We already spoke about this in greater detail several months ago but it bears repeating. Based on conversations we have with document controllers who do their work manually using Excel, the lack of structure, reporting and user control are often the biggest obstacles to keeping things organized. DocBoss enables you to automate tasks you might currently be doing manually and deliver custom project documentation that comply with whatever custom submission specifications your customers require. You decide who has access and what level of access they have.

2. DocBoss produces custom databooks with a few clicks of your mouse.

Databooks or records books are generated at the end of every job saving you the time and effort of doing the record books yourself which can in turn reduce your holdback time meaning you get paid quicker by your customers. You pick which document codes you want in the record book and click to generate it. DocBoss creates your bookmarks, hyperlinks and a full table of content. You don’t have to build the databooks yourself. And the best part is you can customize them as your customer requires.

3. DocBoss is a cloud-based application with no sunk cost.

Installing a new corporate software application is often a time-consuming, frustrating and expensive endeavor. Ask anyone in IT who has rolled out a new software app in their company and they’ll most likely tell you all the problems they had. It can be a very long, drawn out process and more than a few companies have given up halfway through when it became too frustrating.

With DocBoss, these problems don’t exist because it’s a web-based product that you log into through your browser. There is nothing to install, nothing for your IT department to maintain, no patches to apply and no sunk cost. Upgrades are included and are automatically added by us. You use DocBoss and we handle the rest.

4. DocBoss automatically updates your document register.

As your project progresses and documents are transmitted, registers are updated in the background. If the project is changed (i.e. if the bill of materials changes in the course of the project), it’s updated automatically in the background. Fewer mistakes occur as a result and you spend less time redoing your work.

5. DocBoss includes workflow routing.

DocBoss has a full workflow process which moves each document through each stage ie. Issue For Approval, Issue For Construction, Issue as Built. Once your project is set up, DocBoss drives where your documents should go. If the document is rejected and sent back, you can route it, move the document around, add comments and then when it’s approved and released, you receive a note that it’s ready to go out to your customer. You define the workflow so that documents show up in the appropriate place. Never again will you wonder where a specific document is in the process.

Here’s a great video that illustrates DocBoss workflow and status features and other DocBoss benefits live.