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footer_background_webIn the past, software rollouts were things that were done very infrequently. Staff would get word of a software change through a memo and then a painful and drawn out process would occur most likely including a great deal of downtime and IT staff losing at least one or more weekends and evenings while the work was being done outside of normal work hours.

These days, software rollouts and upgrades, patches, etc occur on an ongoing and never-ending basis. The average company utilizes multiple applications that are often mission-critical and IT staff must work around the business to ensure systems are updated and secure at all times.

With a cloud-based application like DocBoss, you now have the option to avoid the above-mentioned rollout and upgrade-related tasks since this is something we take care of around the clock. Your IT staff have no additional work to do since you simply log into DocBoss through your browser and access the application directly. There are no servers at your location, nothing to rollout, nothing to upgrade or patch. We do that for you.

In that regard, the only thing you have to worry about is actually using DocBoss. Sometimes the biggest fear of new software…is the new software itself. People are creatures of habit and often don’t like change even if the change is to their advantage.

The fear of change is natural as people feel comfortable with what they’ve been doing and are unwilling to change especially if they don’t see a reason to.

In the documentation world, it’s possible that you and your colleagues have been using the same practices and processes for years but ask yourself this:

Does it make sense to use the same old manual processes when you are expected to deliver documentation today that is increasingly customized and complex?

Here’s a short animated video that you might relate to especially if your documentation practices are manual and outdated.