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vendor_userMaturity, slow Internet speeds and inertia. These are the three reasons posited by author Steven Cohen in his article on startup website Ventureburn about the hesitancy of some small to medium-sized enterprises to adopt cloud-based technology even when such services are already so widely prevalent in our lives. As he mentions:

The sad thing is that when something comes along that offers true transformation for the industry, many end-users are cynical. The cloud presents such a change, and it has already revolutionised our private lives, through the Apple iCloud, web-based email, Dropbox, and so many other online services we use every day.

For many people, the lack of maturity of cloud-based services – who clearly don’t have the longer track record that desktop apps have – and intertia – fighting daily fires that prevents us from tackling larger and more pressing problems – are probably the two reasons that are most relevant. The third reason – Internet speed – is most likely less of a concern as it is generally getting faster everywhere with mobility becoming more widespread on top of that.

As Cohen closes with, “today‚Äôs smartest technology is in the cloud.”