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measure-kpis-in-document-controlMonitoring and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is an important aspect of document control but is something that can be difficult if you’re using manual processes and use an application like Microsoft Excel that is non-document control specific.

Document control training company Consepsys wrote an article regarding how to monitor KPIs beginning by asking yourself a series of questions regarding your current document control work and giving you some specific KPIs that you might be interested to monitor depending on your situation. If you use a manual system to handle documentation work, chances are your KPI work is also going to be very manual and thus time-consuming.

One of the benefits of DocBoss is that it offers a number of standard features that enables you to keep track of all your projects at any given time and understand which ones are on track and which ones are falling behind. DocBoss has extensive reporting features that allows you to speed your document delivery process. You can create missing document reports and split them by manufacturer. These reports can be generated in both PDF and Microsoft Excel format.

You can run reports to show you where a document is in the approval process at any given time ie. run a report to show you all documents that are not approved, show all documents still with the customer. Are there documents waiting for internal action? With the reporting functionality it is easy to determine where the bottle necks are occurring and who needs to do what. You can also track individual document history and revert to previous versions when necessary.