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You can turn document control into a profit center with DocBoss. Think about how much time and effort you put forth to provide and manage customer documentation. Wouldn’t you like to quantify and charge for documentation that costs you time and effort?

Turn document control into a profit centreYou already know how time-consuming document control work can be and if you’re already using DocBoss you know how it can help save you time and money in the long run by doing document control work more efficiently. Providing an electronic version of your customer’s documentation is a given and DocBoss certainly helps you do that.

But what if you’re required to actually send your customers paper documentation in hard copy format? Some DocBoss customers put together submittals of several hundred pages or more so you can imagine the time, effort and cost of physically printing documentation of this size and managing them. You might wonder if you can charge for such a service and why not? It’s a cost to you to have to provide it.

The question is how much would you charge and how would you document these charges?

DocBoss comes standard with a proposal tool, a Prices and Estimates feature that is typically of interest to a manufacturer, distributor or rep. The Prices and Estimates feature enables you to turn documentation into a profit center by charging your customer for your time and efforts to produce and manage documentation as a separate line item and separate deliverable. In the quoting stage of your project, you can use the Prices and Estimates feature to produce an addendum to your quote that specifies the costs to provide the documentation.

If customers want their documents put in a box and sent to them, there is no cost to them. If they want you to manage the documents, do submittals, etc there is a cost to them, a cost calculated and itemized using the Prices and Estimates tool. The proposal tool uses a format and structure that has been successful when dealing with EPC firms and enables you to include whichever charges you like (ie. number of pages to be printed, document index fee, data book fee, per document management fee) and an individual charge for each.

Again, the Prices and Estimates functionality comes standard with DocBoss and is an optional feature that you can use or not use as required.

Check out the short video below to see how you can create a quote in DocBoss and profit from the documentation work you provide to your customers.

How to create a quote in DocBoss