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What does a document controller need to do when transitioning to a manager position? As with positions in other industries, becoming a manager involves utilizing a different set of skills and looking at the position in a different way as you transition to a role that might be less hands-on and may involve managing other staff.

The question is how do you prepare for this challenge and where do learn the new skills you’re going to need?

Document control training company Consepsys says the following regarding a document controller moving to a management position:

Moving to a manager position requires a profound change of mindset and perspective. New managers must reinvent their professional outlook and must face a new suite of complex challenges. People who have climbed the organisational ladder often learn on the job, often through mistakes.

Consepsys recently added a new course for 2018 called Transitioning to a Manager Position that helps document controllers who aspire to become a manager or are about to become one learn the necessary skills to do so successfully.

To download the complete 2018 Consepsys Course Calendar, click here. You can view all course outlines including the complete description for theĀ Transitioning to a Manager Position course.