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One of the distinguishing features of DocBoss is its security and related backup feature that enables our customers to be assured that their documentation is protected and stored safely. Instead of wondering if your IT staff are properly backing up your data and projects, DocBoss does that for you automatically.

CloudBerry Lab recently released an interesting survey of 400 corporate staffers around the world on the topic of data backup with one key takeaway:

Many businesses don’t backup their data.

The survey was conducted during a one-week period from March 26 – April 1, 2016 and had a number of quite surprising outcomes regarding how many corporations view the importance of backing up data.

Approximately 36 percent of enterprises backup their business data completely. While this finding is encouraging, it is offset by the fact that an equal amount (36 percent) do no backups at all.

So according to this survey while a little over one third of businesses claim to backup their business data regularly, there are the same number of businesses who admit to never doing it and are leaving themselves open to a disaster down the line.

Some other key takeaways from this survey:

  • 49% of respondents have one copy of their data which means that if it became inaccessible they’d have no backup to refer to.
  • Around 27% of respondents have already lost their data on numerous occasions.
  • 42% of respondents use automation to backup their data but an equal number only backup their data infrequently, often on a weekly basis.
  • About 44% of respondents continue to use outdated back technologies such as external drives whereas as only 26% use more modern and effective cloud options.
  • 36% of respondents admitted that the best they could say about their backup practices are that “they work.”

Presumably, many of these respondents have never had to actually see firsthand whether their backup practices actually work or not and were simply being optimistic.

The survey does highlight the fact that like insurance, you don’t really know what you have with your existing backup process until you need to use it.

With DocBoss, you don’t have to worry about backups because that’s part of what we take care of for you. For more information regarding backup and security benefits offered by DocBoss, check out the post we published last month called How secure is your documentation?