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DocBoss has updated grid options within the application for all users to take advantage of.

Note: The below description applies only to grids which have been migrated to our new grid. The list of deployed grids is at the bottom of the article. New grids are added with each release.

Grid and column menus

Column Header Icon

By clicking on the icon in the column header, a menu will appear. There are two segments to the menu.

First is a set of options for the specific column (includes pin, set as 1st column, and fit).


The second provides a list of all available columns.



Sidebar (only if large number of columns)

If there are a sufficient number of columns in the grid, a “Columns” sidebar (1) is displayed at the end of the grid. If clicked, it will display the a distinct grid menu.

This interface has icons to pin, show/hide, and set as 1st column.


Note that the addition of the sidebar will force some grids to a minimum height. If there are no records to display, you will see an empty grid.

Pin columns

By clicking the PIN icon, columns will be locked to the left side of the grid. You can pin as many columns as you wish.

A second mechanism to PIN is to drag/drop other columns to the left of a pinned column. That column will also become pinned. The reverse is also true: If you drag a pinned column out of the pinned area, it will revert to unpinned status.

Separate scroll bars will be applied to the pinned columns and to the unpinned columns.

Use arrow keys to navigate

Once in the grid, user can click the arrow keys and tab (and shift-tab) to navigate inside the grid.

Enter to edit

To enter the edit mode for a cell, users can either double click, or press the enter key (if using arrows to navigate). A second press of the enter key will exit the edit mode. For check boxes, the space bar will check/uncheck the box.

Dynamic Drag

When you drag a column (by left clicking on the column header and dragging), the columns will dynamically shift to show the expected new grid layout. Release the mouse button to drop.

List of Grids

The following grids have migrated to the new grid format.

Expedite projects expedite-project
Sign Documents post-submittal-action
Admin->Security Settings
Admin->Compl&Pkg Preset
Admin->Other Lists: Delivery Medium, Prices, Ignored Values
Admin->Customization->Project (main) fields
Admin->Stage Lists
Project->Expedite Settings
Project->DocCode list->Attach compilation
Project->Project log
Customer portal/Vendor Portal