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Release notification May 2024DocBoss is happy to announce our latest release for May 2024. 

Our release is packed with new features including lots of user-friendly changes to the interface, additional flexibility with stage lists, a learning mode, and (beta) single sign on.

Here are the details. As always, you can check out the full release notes by clicking here.

Grid Updates


The ability to filter data in grids has been dramatically improved on the following grids:

  • Card List
  • Outstanding Actions
  • Equipment List
  • Multi Project Card Report

Keyword Search

A keyword text search is available above the grid on the left:

2024-05-01_08-00-02 Keyword search.png

Filtering for Columns always available

Many grid columns have filtering options directly below the column header. Users can type ahead to filter (1) or select one or more options from the dropdown that appears when the box is selected (2).

Card list 4.png

Other filters

If there are other filters which cannot be controlled by the columns, they are available by expanding the filter accordion.

Card list 2.png

These will include data and other filters.

By default, there are no filters applied, and the show/hide cards options are set to the following:

  • Completed cards: show
  • NULL cards: show
  • Unrequired cards: hide
  • Merged cards: hide

See below:

Due and expected dates have additional options that appear when they are selected:

2024-05-01_11-41-15 due dates.png

If any changes are made to these default show/hide options, or filters are applied from the accordion or the grid, a notification bell icon will appear next to the Other grid filters accordion.

2024-04-30_15-47-06 active filters.png


Single Sign On

Users with the enterprise version of DocBoss may now deploy single sign on for their users. This option is available for other subscribers for an additional fee. Contact support to enable for your instance.

Manage custom library fields by folder

Library folders can be enabled/disabled per folder, and also set as required or not per folder.

To access this option, from the system menu, select Library > Library folders and select the Edit (pencil) icon for the applicable folder.



Line/Arrow, and Sticky Note

Additional markup tools are available – arrow/line tool (1A, 1B, 1C) and sticky note tool (2A, 2B, 2C).

2024-05-01_22-57-54 new markup.png

These are accessible by selecting the markup icon in the viewer.

2024-05-01_23-08-13 viewer.png



New options for stage list

Hide Cards in SDI: This will hide cards which use this stage list from SDI reports. (The parameter “filter=hr” will add these  back to the output.)

Auto-generate numbers: Allows the user to choose which numbers (customer will be auto-generated for cards assigned to this stage list.

2024-05-01_23-24-01 hide in sdi.png


New option for individual stage

Do not submit to customer: This is an option for stages with Customer target. If selected, cards in that stage will not appear in the Outgoing to customer grid.

2024-05-01_23-20-17 do not submit.png


Actions & Routing

Action due date for NULL cards

The method used to calculate due dates for NULL cards which have been assigned routings has been improved. When a card is routed to a user, if the customer due date is empty, the due date for the action will be the current date + action turnaround days for the project. If the customer due date is NOT empty, the customer due date will be copied to the action due date.

Pre-fill routing scenario from project default role

When creating routing scenarios at admin level, there is now an option available to load user name from project default roles.

Project Settings

Allow multiple users per role on project main

To allow multiple users to quickly find projects on  which they are involved, DocBoss now permits selecting multiple users for each role on the main project setup.

2024-05-01_16-17-49 Multi user select.png


A new variable is available to add the Item/Model list to the header/footer.


Project Metrics by user

From the System menu > Reports > Project metrics page, a usage report per user account is now available.

2024-05-01_23-15-05 usage report.png



Variable based naming convention for native/comments files

DocBoss now allows users to define a separate naming convention for native/comment files using the same concept as other file naming formats (variable based).

This is selected from Project > Set Up Main > Outgoing File Name Format. Select the Edit icon to open a popup to change the Comment and Native file patterns:

2024-05-02_14-05-43 Outgoing file name format.png

Variables include:

  • <CardPattern>: Uses the file name pattern defined for active files going to the target.
  • <UploadedFileName>: Uses the name of the file when first uploaded to DocBoss.
  • <PreviousRevision>: Provides the revision number of the PREVIOUS revision of the file sent to the customer. This will be empty if it is the first submittal.

The initial default is “<CardPattern>_CRS” (or “<CardPattern>_Native”).

An example change might be to use the upload file name, rather than the card pattern (doc number, etc.) as the comment/native outgoing file name. If a user uploads a comment file named “Doc001.pdf”, and uses <UploadedFIleName>_CRS as the comment pattern, the output would be “Doc001_CRS.pdf”.


Previous revision column

A new column is available on the Outgoing Submittals grid which displays revision value from the previous submittal.


Output templates

New variables

Transmittal templates:

  • <Documents.Reference>: To output card reference on transmittal templates.

SDI Report/Document Index templates:

  • <DocumentsByIndex.Only_Customer_StatusName>: To output the customer status description on document index templates. (DocBoss statuses are ignored.)

Section Title Page templates:

  • <Section_Documents.SupplierDocNumber>
  • <Section_Documents.Title>

Data from Library Cards:

When pulling data from cards which have had files attached from the library, DocBoss will maintain a link between the library card and the project card to allow pulling custom library field metadata into Excel templates with the following variables:

  • <Document_CustLibraryFieldX>: Cover page
  • <DocumentsByIndex.CustLibraryFieldX>: Document index

Native files

There is now an option to add a cover page worksheet embedded into secondary files (typically the native file) that are in Excel format.

Email templates

File Name (without file extension) is now available as a variable for email templates.



Additional updates that have been made:

  • Sub-Packages options are available in the compilation layout settings under company profiles.
  • The global search for projects now supports searching by Job number.
  • The status messages showing results of CSV import (Card List, Equipment List, etc.) now display the date of the last completed CSV import.
  • Instance Admin now allows setting 3 columns for the Header/Footer pattern.