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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if DocBoss can help me?

DocBoss helps process equipment suppliers manage and deliver custom engineering documentation to their customers in the instance where the document control function is time-consuming and frustrating. DocBoss is especially helpful to companies who tag their products, work with a bill of materials and/or vendor document requirements list (VDRL) and must provide increasingly customized documentation to their customers at the end of projects.

DocBoss customers include manufacturers, distributors and fabricators who provide a wide variety of products including pumps, valves, instrumentation, pressure vessels, skid packages and actuators among others.

Excel is no longer suitable...

Excel is a spreadsheet application with severe limitations since it was not designed specifically for document control. Excel no longer become suitable to handle document control when more than one person uses the spreadsheet, you have multiple locations, you add data on a regular and recurring basis or if you routinely produce custom documentation for different customers.

Once your organization starts regularly handling projects in excess of 15 customized documents, you might be doing yourself and your customers a disservice by continuing to use Excel or another manual, non-document control specific method.


I already use Sharepoint. Can I still use DocBoss?

Sharepoint is a web application associated with collaboration and sharing of information, not on document control and submission. Sharepoint also requires the implementation of third party applications to give it the same functionality that comes standard with DocBoss.

DocBoss is an application that was designed specifically for project document control. DocBoss helps you meet the customer specifications for managing and submitting documentation to engineering firms and other use user organizations. The document control function requires activities that document management systems like Sharepoint normally don’t provide such as merging of two or more previously and independently released documents or updates to them.

I can build an application on my own so why should I use DocBoss?
DocBoss was designed by someone who spent 15 years in the process equipment industry who couldn’t find an existing application that helped deliver increasingly custom engineering documentation to customers. When you consider the ongoing cost of designing, building, maintaining, supporting and upgrading an inhouse application, the costs can become very large. This is especially true if your app doesn’t end up addressing your needs or if your needs change over time. Being a hosted and cloud-based application, DocBoss takes care of all of this for you. DocBoss also includes all ongoing upgrades and patches.
What is the difference between document management and document control?
Document management refers to the general managing of documents such as storing, accessing, searching, retrieving and archiving them. Document control provides a framework for document creation and ongoing management including issues related to security, version control, review cycle, visibility, availability and to provide an overall controlled and reliable audit trail.
What should I look for in a good document control system?
A good document control system will enable you to understand where any document is at any time in the process and enable you to automate tasks normally done manually while also providing the paper trail needed to properly control documents.

A good document control system will ultimately enable you to manage and deliver custom documentation to end users by building the document register, accessing project reporting, working with customer templates, preparing custom compilations (databooks), building submittal packages and automating workflow, among other things.

Why does it matter that DocBoss is a hosted cloud-based application?
Hosted cloud-based applications like DocBoss offer many benefits including greater security, ease of scalability, speed of implementation, lower long term costs and less work on your part when compared to server-based apps. As a hosted cloud-based application, there is no development, hosting, maintenance or support work required for DocBoss since we take care of that for you. All you need is a web browser to use DocBoss which also means you can easily collaborate with staff in different locations around the world with no additional costs typically associated with traditional server-based applications.
I am an engineering company. Can I use DocBoss?

Yes. DocBoss is a nice match for Engineering/EPC companies. Manage both customer, internal and vendor documents in your SDI. On the manufactured equipment side – you can auto-generate the full list of documents you expect to receive from your vendors. For other vendors (or for all vendors) they can provide a list of documents (with tags and document codes) which you upload to your master doc list. Uploaded docouments can be auto-matched to the correct placeholders so you can ensure you have collected all of the data you need. Reduce vendor load by removing the need for cover sheets or compilations – those processes can all be completed in DocBoss (according to your customer requirements) after the fact. Use DocBoss to do your squad checks, and track all document status and movements – both to vendors, 3rd parties and customers.

What types of customers does DocBoss have?

DocBoss customers include manufacturers and suppliers of instrumentation, valves, pumps, compressors, tanks, vessels and more. We also work with customers who produce actuators, variable frequency drives, MCCs and electrical bulks. If you tag your products, DocBoss is especially helpful and if you work with a customer-provided vendor document requirement (VDR) list or bill of materials, DocBoss can help with that too.

I have multiple locations and/or multiple people working on our projects. Can DocBoss help me?

Absolutely. In fact, DocBoss was designed with companies like you in mind. Since DocBoss is a web-based application, all users need is a browser to log in from anywhere in the world to access it.

And since DocBoss users are named users, they simply login with their own personal user name and password. No more wondering when a change was made, which document is the most recent, or which staff member changed or added a document since DocBoss tracks all of this for you.

We receive documents for approval, for construction and as built. Can DocBoss help manage them?

Yes. We realize that customers often have processes which require that you receive documents for approval, for construction and as built. For manufactured equipment, nothing changes. But you still have to change the cover sheet and resubmit them. With DocBoss this is built into our system. Receive the documents and they immediately get queued for resubmittal. Just click a button and your turnaround is done.

Can DocBoss help me produce custom databooks at the end of projects quicker and easier?

Yes. If producing databooks are time-consuming and frustrating, you’ll love DocBoss for this feature alone. The DocBoss databook generator enables you to customize databooks the way you need to and then have them compiled automatically. Additionally, while a book per tag is not normally required, often a databook per shipment or per plant are required. DocBoss allows you to create these with a few tweaks to configuration. It takes an extra 5 minutes to create 5 books for different shipments (or plants, or types) as it does to create one book. If your customer demands a book per tag, just pick “tag” from the drop down and it’s done.

I charge for documentation work in my proposals. Can DocBoss help?

Yes. The DocBoss quote module allows users to make use of the DocBoss structure to define the document requirements and provide a clear, easy to read quote for document services. Generally provided as an appendix to the equipment quote, it makes your document quotes consistent and gives your customers a detailed breakout of the work they are receiving. Lastly it defines the price structure at the quote stage, so variations can be negotiated as the project grows in scope.

I often deal with holdbacks at the end of projects. How can I ensure I get paid quicker?

In our experience, up to 75% of suppliers face holdbacks related to documentation but only one in four suppliers report that most of their documents are approved upon first submission. By automating tasks that you might otherwise do manually, DocBoss enables you to better meet customer requirements the first time, eliminating costly and time-consuming rework, cutting down on manual errors and ensuring you get paid in full on time.

Focused largely on tagged equipment, DocBoss minimizes the manual work required to deliver project documentation.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about DocBoss and how we can help you improve your document control workflow.

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