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Central Alberta Process & Automation ShowThe 10th Asia Pacific Congress On Oil and Gas 2018 will be held in Shanghai, China on September 10-11, 2018.

From the conference website:

The 10th Asia Pacific Congress On Oil and Gas 2018 covers topics such as:

  • Global Oil and Gas

  • Oil and Gas

  • Upstream and Midstream Processes

  • Oil formation

  • Crude Oil Excavation

  • Petroleum Science and Technology

  • Offshore technologies and Operations

  • Biofuels and Biodiesels

  • Future Challenges for Oil Exploration and Consumption

  • Pipeline and Storage

  • Corporate social responsibilities in oil and gas industries

  • Advanced Nanomaterials in oil and Gas industries

  • The Economic Effects of Oil & Gas Operations

  • General Issues in Oil & Gas Operations

  • Regulations and Ethics

  • Market and strategies

  • Entrepreneur Investment Meet

  • Health, Safety & Risk in an Organizational Context

You can learn more about the event by clicking here.